Jack and Ianto in Hong Kong
Aya and Yohji
Here are some pictures of Jack and Ianto in Hong Kong. They spent some days there and also relaxed much too.
It's a nice city with tall buildings and more green than I thought.

2013.06.26 - 02 - Hong Kong
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Jack and Ianto in the Fujian Province
Aya and Yohji
Sadly there are no more pics but it's a wondeful place. The nature is so lovely.

It's a green tea area where much tea grows, is made and selled.

2013.06.21 - 01 - Fujian Provinz   2013.06.21 - 03 - Fujian Provinz

Jack and Ianto in Shanghai
Aya and Yohji
Jack and Ianto spent quit some time in Shanghai.

It was very hot, sadly there was more and more fog each day.  They also saw many brides and grooms getting taking pictures of them for their wedding.

In the first picture they are at the Yu-Garden and on the second they are at the end of the Bund and look at Pudong

   2013.06.19 - 07 - Shanghai Yu-Garten   2013.06.18 - 01 - Shanghai

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It was very hot in Shanghai. Jack and Ianto enjoyed the city and the people there.
They also had a very nice hotel and enjoyed their time there too ^^

Jack and Ianto in Xi'An
Aya and Yohji
After Beijing Jack and Ianto spent some days in Xi'An.

Here are two nice pics of them :)
On the right pic there is the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in the background.

2013.06.14 - 01 - XiAn   2013.06.14 - 02 - XiAn

Jack and Ianto on the great Wall of China
Aya and Yohji
Jack and Ianto made a one day trip to the Great Wall of China. They visited the Wall in Mutianyu.

They enjoyed the day, though it was very hot. The view was not totally clear but very nice. There was a long way to walk and the Wall is very steep sometimes.

It's a very impressive sight

2013.06.13 - 02 - Große Mauer Mutianyu   2013.06.13 - 03 - Große Mauer Mutianyu   2013.06.13 - 05 - Große Mauer Mutianyu   2013.06.13 - 06 - Große Mauer Mutianyu

Jack and Ianto in Beijing
Aya and Yohji
This summer Jack and Ianto spent a long time in China.

Their fisrt stop was Beijing. It was very warm during their stay there but not too hot.   They walked very much through the streets and around many sight-seeing places.  It's a very busy city and some thinsg are smilar to UK and some a very different ^^

Here are some pics where they visited the Lama Temple (first 2 pics) and the Summer Palace (last pic) in Beijing

2013.06.10 - 01 - Beijing - Lama Tempel   2013.06.10 - 05 - Beijing - Lama Tempel   2013.06.12 - Beijing

Jack and Ianto in another world
Aya and Yohji
After Glasgow they left the planet for some time and visited a strange and colourful planet. They saw some odd things, did some exploring and just had a great time.

2013.02.17 - 04 - Georgies Bday
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And once more Jack and Ianto visited Glasgow
Aya and Yohji
In January 2013 Jack and Ianto visited Glasgow again. They had a relaxing time there, no aliens or other suspicious things took place while they visited the nice town.
They enjoyed their time together and met some friends :)

2013.01.05 - 02 - Glasgow   2013.01.05 - 04 - Glasgow

Jack and Ianto at Burg Satzvey
Aya and Yohji

Some pictures of Jack and Ianto visiting the Christmas market at Burg (Castle) Satzvey on December first. They had a great time there. Sadly they took only 2 pictures.

2012.12.01 -04- Burg Satzvey 2012.12.01 -02- Burg Satzvey

Jack and Ianto back in Wales and England
Aya and Yohji
They spent some time in Wales. The weather was not the best so they spent quite some time in bed :)  But they did some other things too and took some pictures.

They visited Cardiff Castle again and Jack told something about the people who lived there.

2012.11.01 -01- Cardiff Castle 2012.11.01 -02- Cardiff Castle
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